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Coronavirus quarantine day 15 – Lackland Air Force Base

We are having a problem with jet lag. We’ll keep working on catching up, but in the mean time I looked out the window. There are guards stationed in a tent watching over our building.

Rise and shine! We both woke up to get ready for the Mark Davis show.
Remember when we moved to the other room in our jack and Jill because the AC wasn’t working? To our dismay, the AC in the new room went out last night, too! We called dispatch – they will come to fix it in a bit.

PS I’ve began to get requests for care packages off of Facebook. I’m messaging those who asked to send care packages one by one to ensure that the individuals don’t get 5000 packs of beef jerky.

Just finished up with the mark davis show – he’s always a pleasure to talk with! I’ll post the link when available.
Rachel’s mom is sending a care package + our laptops + our Nintendo switch. Many of you have been asking – we plan on starting a shared blog later. Mine will be over travel/food/life/nursing, hers will be cooking/crafting/occupational therapy. We’ll post a link later!
We noticed outside that there are people getting trained how to use PPE.

Breakfast is almost here! Two people in full PPE dropped by to give us water, and let us know that they were a few bags short of breakfast. They’re headed to get our food now.
They also let us know that the building is converted to winter mode, so it’s blowing hot air. We were told that it’s okay to have our windows and doors open – FRESH AIR! We turned off the AC in both rooms and opened the windows. It’s already significantly better – things are good!
We’re asking everyone who comes to the door to spread the word about care packages, and asking them to spread the word amongst the staff as well.

Luckily, they had two fans in our room – what a life saver!

Sound check with fox and friends – we’ll be live tomorrow morning.

Rachel and I were getting pretty hungry, so we called dispatch. They sent breakfast for one – unfortunately, it was cold as it was cooked a few hours ago. Lunch should be here soon, so we may just wait it out. Last thing we need is an upset stomach! Luckily, now we have a spoon and milk, so we can munch on a stockpile of cereal!
The doctor that came to drop off our food also taught me about DMAT – I’m very interested in signing up for disaster relief. It sounds like an amazing way to help others!

Just interviewed with KUVN Univision! Not sure when it airs as of yet, will update.
We noticed outside that everyone is now in full hazmat suits, similar to the plane.
The Dallas morning news also reached out to us, as well as KENS TV.

The quarantine officials came by to take our temperatures. Both temperatures were normal. They also informed us that three people here in the quarantine zone have tested positive overnight.

There are a lot of people in orange construction vests carrying boxes outside.

Apparently they are covering all vents and doors with paper on the Diamond Princess. No one on the ship knows why this is a thing yet.

We got so hungry that we nuked our breakfast in the microwave and devoured it – totally forgot to take a picture! It was an Apple, hash browns, eggs, and sausage. It was SO good! Best thing we’ve eaten in the past three weeks.
Rachel jokes “if we’re gonna’ keep doing good on this ‘not fighting in quarantine’ thing, they’re gonna’ need to send us more than one meal!”

Also, we called dispatch again. If someone calls hospitality and asks for something that isn’t available, they will message us with the items/room number, etc. I’ll then send that info over to y’all!

Lunch is here – it was bomb!

Pot stickers, rice, and an apple! Groans

Noticed a Dominos guy delivering food to the DMAT workers below – I guess maybe they can get through! I wouldn’t really want to be that delivery guy though, going to a Q-zone with PPE and all.

Rachel’s moms care package got here! We were under the impression that we were getting our laptops + some tortilla chips + Nintendo switch. Instead, we got anything that we could have possibly wanted and more!

Holy care package, Batman!

We found out why the food is so good! They contracted out a local food company to provide us meals for the duration of quarantine.

Jet lag caught up to us – we passed out for a good three hours! We were woken up by a knock on the door by two people in full PPE offering soda, water, and tea – plus dinner! Our AC is also working, plus a cool front went through. It feels great, we feel great, and just overall thankful that we made the decision to leave the Diamond Princess.

Here’s dinner! Meat sauce rigatoni, Texas toast, salad, and an Apple. Awesome once again!

Good news! We’re about to get to go outside for a few minutes! We were told that there were puzzles, entertainment, etc. in the parking lot, and that we were allowed to walk down briefly with our masks to grab some. Maybe rachel and I will also get a new mask.. these old ones have taken a beating from the plane ride!

Also, we’ve asked several news sources to get the message out that many of you are looking to send care packages to those in need.

Here are some pics from outside! We noticed any room occupied has an “X” marked on it. I’m assuming this is to mark which room people are in. The tents have coloring books, sudoku, crayons, etc.
Before grabbing anything we were required to use hand sanitizer, as well as after.
We’re also fenced in.

Here’s a panoramic of what it looks like outside.

An X on certain doors. We’re assuming this means that there are quarantined individuals inside.

Here are some supplies under a tent that we have access to if needed.

This is the fence holding us in – totally sturdy.

We also received our news letter, which outlined a few key components coming in the following days.

HEB is available for delivery.

The CDC is offering voluntary COVID-19 testing in the coming days – my wife and I will volunteer. We would rather get any treatment needed sooner than later, as we just want to be home.

We will have photographs of our passports taken tomorrow for identification purposes by medical professionals.

No food delivery is available to us due to military base security requirements. Specific dietary needs (diabetic, etc) can be addressed.

Those taking pictures and videos such as myself should be considerate of other passengers.

Local family members may no drop off packages at the base gates – they must be mailed.

There will be a 2-3 day delay for package deliveries due to screening by US marshals.

Oops! We heard some shouting outside – one of the tents collapsed due to the strong winds from this cold front.

Bucket list item complete – NBC aired a picture of our pup on TV! From having a “ruff time” being thrown out of a truck by a stranger to famous on TV in two years. What a dog! I’ll post a link when it’s posted.

We’re very thankful for everyone taking care of us, and everyone around in this situation! Hundreds of you are reaching out regarding care packages. I’m in the works of getting the planned logistics in action so we can get more people the help they need.

It’s been a great day today. Rachel and I are starting our blog on our laptops now (typing from it now, actually), and excited to be on fox and friends live@7:50 eastern standard time.
Currently working on getting all of your questions answered.

I’m in contact with an Australian friend on the ship – they’ve been given luggage tags, and are evacuating in about 7ish hours. One major concern as of now: they don’t have toilets on their plane!

We have a care package request: she’s been alone for two weeks and will be alone for another two weeks. See this comment to shower her with love!
Edit: She’s now showered with love, please don’t send more! She’s gotten dozens of packages, and somehow has to make it home with all of it!

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