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Coronavirus quarantine day 16 – Lackland Air Force Base

Early morning! We’re getting ready to interview with fox and friends – catch us live@06:50!

Finished up on fox and friends. We were pretty creative when trying to figure out to have out phone not aim up our nose during the interview.

An ice maker, diffuser, alarm clock, bible, and something similar to find Waldo were harmed in production today.

After experimenting between this contraption and holding up our phone for every interview with our hands, we think a tripod would have made all these interviews much easier!

Noticed that nearly a dozen packages have been sent to our shipmate at Travis air base – thank you all!

Breakfast! Today we got yogurt, honey nut cheerios, milk, and a banana.

Fun fact! We also were greeted by three people from the DMAT team who mentioned that they’re following Rachel and I – small world!

They mentioned that we would be allowed to go outside per the CDC as soon as gloves and masks were delivered to the base.

So here’s a shout out – thanks for taking good care of us, y’all take care as well!

We just found out that our Australian friend who sat one seat over from me at dinner tested positive for COVID-19. His partner will be traveling to Australia while he stays in Japan. This really comes as a shock to everyone, as he is symptom free and feels normal.

It looks like the Canadians are being evacuated on Friday (japan time.)

If you missed fox and friends, we’ll be interviewing with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business news @12:20 central time.

It’s been a quiet day again here in San Antonio. It’s been a nice difference between Texas and the cruise ship – on the ship, we heard constant sirens and helicopters from the media. Here, it’s peaceful and quiet. Military guard us 24/7, no sirens, and we feel safe. We have so much room in our rooms that we don’t feel one bit stir crazy.

It’s cloudy, cold, and rainy today. Yesterday, we were concerned about the AC – today, it feels great! We completely turned it off and are just enjoying being comfortable.

In other news, we also found out that people are being disembarked from the Diamond Princess if they test negative right now. Many people will remain on the boat, as their loved ones tested positive – they have to finish out their quarantine.

Lunch! We got what appeared to be a little of a downgrade from every other meal, but we’re still well off with more snacks than a hibernating bear.

A cold sandwich, an apple (man, I’m going to go years without seeing another doctor after this, surely!), a cinnamon roll, and a bag of chips.

Just finished up with Neil Cavuto, and NPR Here and Now podcast – we have around 20+ interviews now. I will post the link to them all in a bit when I round them together to give y’all an inside look on our experiences.

Still catching up from jet lag – we woke up to a knock on the door by the CDC. They temperature checked Rachel and I – both 99.7f. We figure this is because our faces were buried in pillows for hours. It was one of those sleeps where you forget what your first name is after waking up for a solid thirty minutes.

As we opened the door, they say, “are you the honeymooners?”
PS – Hi CDC! Thanks for taking care of us!

Anyway, I was wondering when food may come by. I asked Rachel, who informed me that it came by around twenty minutes ago.
We had chicken fried steak over mashed potatoes and white gravy, a salad, and a muffin. Here’s a picture!

I had a moment of vertigo there for a second and asked Rachel, “Were you the one talking about the chicken fried steak? Because I dreamed about it.”
“Yeah, we had a whole conversation about it.. you just didn’t respond” she said.
Jet lag does some mysterious work!

Hey guys! Not much happened here in San Antonio today, but here’s a good bit of news from all of the passengers.

I have some news regarding how some of those quarantined are feeling.

Aboard the Diamond Princess, there are still people awaiting results to get off of the boat. Disembarkation of those that test negative continues. When we left the ship, we noticed that for the last few days of our trip that the daily count of coronavirus cases stopped being announced. Many are feeling isolated with lack of information again. I can’t speak from first hand experience on what is happening now, but several people on our quarantine facebook thread are mentioning lack of communication. They are worried about the worsening situation that COVID-19 is imposing.

The Australian evacuees have landed safely!

Some Americans are worried about lack of communication. Many feel as though our country saved us, but feel like we have been forgotten about. They say that they deserve to know what our plans will be due to planning and working hard to go on vacation only to end up in a travelers nightmare.

I feel safe, and not in a struggle with things here in San Antonio. We get a nightly new letter as to what will be happening for us over the next few days – this is keeping my wife and I content.

While we’re content, we really would love to know when our “light at the end of the tunnel” day is – as of now, we just know that there are meetings being held to determine this.

I’m continuing to get my blog site ready – I should have it completed enough for use by tomorrow. I will link it here at that time.

Here’s dinner!

Unfortunately, two people off of our cruise ship in their 80’s have passed away due to COVID-19. Not great news. Keep them in your thoughts.

All 61 US citizens who remained in Japan are now on a temporary federal no-fly list. If they fly to Mexico or Canada and attempt to enter the country, they will be stopped by Border Control.

Managed to get Netflix hooked up to the TV in the room – quarantine just got even better!

We’re really hoping for more info on our situation tomorrow. We heard about the three positive yesterday, but no news today. Another day has passed – on to the next one!

PS our fellow ship mate has had nearly 20 packages sent to her. Several individuals have been sent packages. Thank you all so much for your generosity!

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