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Coronavirus quarantine day 18 – Lackland Air Force Base

Breakfast is here! I stayed up quite late working on editing my blog, so I slept through it.

A Sausage patty, hash brown, a banana, and three pieces of french toast with some syrup!

The CDC swung by to grab our temperatures! 98.6f for both of us. We’re still in the clear.

The health department officials are here! Rachel and I were escorted outside down to the fenced area, where many DMAT/CDC personnel were, as well as the two health department officials. Brett Giroir was the main person we talked to. We discussed our quarantine in Japan, as well as here at Lackland AFB – their main purpose of being on site was to ensure that what they were hearing in DC was accurate.

I was able to talk with the head of CDC operations on site regarding reddit packages! They are working out logistics today, and should have an email set up for guests to email their needs. I can then communicate with y’all on the needs of packages.

Rachel and I were tested for COVID-19! We both had a throat swab, as well as a nasopharyngeal swab. Talk about unpleasant – they about near stick it in your brain with the nasal swab! We should have our results in around three days.

We requested test results on paper for our workplaces, as we never received out official results in Japan.

Lunch is here!

A beef stir-fry with rice (funny move, cooks), a spring roll, soup, and an apple.

15:00 Rachel and I are doing good!

Can you tell that Rachel is excited about Dr. Pepper?

16:00 The CDC came by to get our temperatures – rachel was around 97, i was 99.1.

16:58 Many of you have asked me to continue to write, or have expressed that you will miss us when this quarantine is over with. I’ve appreciated all of the support – it was pretty motivating! That being said, here’s my new blog! It’s a work in progress. I’ll write about all of our travels. I currently have most of our coronavirus quarantine experience up, and in the coming days will write about our honeymoon. Thanks for following!

I used Siteground to build my blog through WordPress. Siteground is great all around, and if you’re interested in making a website, I’d strongly recommend checking it out!

17:30 Dinner! We had some BOMB pasta with chicken. Rachel has all of the garlic bread, I had the brownie. Fun story: when I was waiting for Rachel to come home from Nashville this past summer to move in, I had the great duty of stocking our apartment. When buying seasonings, I got a bunch of mini bottles to make sure I didn’t over buy – except garlic powder. We bought nearly half a pound of garlic powder. She says that when we get home, she’s just going to sauté a significant amount of garlic to just bask in it. She’s known as the “seasoning girl.”

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