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Quarantine aboard the Diamond Princess – Day 8


06:30 Woke up to get ready for our interview from a DFW news source, WFAA. Shortly after, NBC. No new news as of yet, but we opened the window to find quite a few ambulances!

Here’s the view outside.

08:00 We got breakfast! It came in the middle of one of our interviews, but we got small egg sandwich, one croissant, and a muffin. No fruit or yogurt today. We’re all wondering where the menu is for today – last time we didn’t get a menu was at the start of the quarantine. It’s not just us – the people around us haven’t received a menu either. The help desk is checking with meal services. WFAA will be aired at 10pm central time.


Here’s the view outside.


Fuel trucks?

09:00 The sound of sirens is in the air today! Probably about 5-6 going off at once. Truly feels like we’re in a apocalyptic movie at this point with now 32 ambulances parked outside. There are military vehicles with a big Red Cross on them as well – assuming military medical staff.

9:21 Captain states a good morning, and states that we’re ready to face a day of challenges strong and united. He says updates will be given as available. The diamond princess will set sail around 1200, give or take a few hours depending on timing of complications on the ground (loading supplies,, disembarking guests and crew). We will be headed southeast out to sea to make water and dump waste. We will turn around after that to return to daikoku pier. Wind speeds around 55km/hr when out to sea, and the waters shouldn’t be quite as bad this time. They’ve plotted the best possible course to minimize rocking. He reminded us to check our temperature/wear masks, and joked that we are all experts by now. He also reminded us to remain hydrated – we now have quite a bit of water. Every guest has had a chance to send in laundry now. The laundry that my wife and I sent last night should arrive soon. A rotation from deck to deck has been made. He concluded with “let’s tackle this day together.”

11:48 Took a short nap – we were tired from the day before, and the wife had a bit of a headache. Up now – they’re handing out vitamin C tablet bottles to interior staterooms to prevent deficiency and boost their immune systems.. don’t want anyone getting scurvy!

12:00 Captain announcement: the ambulances outside aren’t for new cases. They weren’t done offloading passengers from the previous day. 32 out of 65 have been taken off so far. They are prioritizing disembarkation of guests/crew based on acuity. A small percentage of waste is being taken off by the trucks we thought were fuel trucks currently, giving us more time to stay in port. Our new time of departure is 1700-1800. IT system managers have gotten in contact regarding internet – Princesses goal is to provide the best internet at sea, but being as we’ve had such high traffic these last few days, internet disruptions have occurred. We were wondering about that! They are aware of the issue, and working on fixing it. Medications are nearly finished being dispensed. Any urgent medication is available if needed. The crew continues to receive high praise over social media/letters, and are keeping spirits high. The crew are grateful of the huge support.

12:45 I think Reddit worked – NO RICE! 😍 And it’s really good! Tomorrow’s selections look great too. Princess continues to step up their game to handle this situation. Here’s the food that arrived. I’ll post some pics of food during the first few days of quarantine in a bit.

Here’s our lunch!


There is a bus being loaded with people who are disembarking.

PS: Just to clarify on the WFAA interview.. we don’t think the conditions are brutal as stated by news reporters. We think Princess Cruises are doing an amazing job handling the situation, and doing their very best. Food is much better today, we have enough time on our balcony to get fresh air, and have plenty to keep us entertained. People in interior rooms are being given vitamin C, and have priority over open deck time for natural light. Ready for more space to stretch our legs, but we’re doing just fine! We think our interview may have been short due to poor connection. NBC on the other hand did a great job portraying how we’re doing!

16:13 Captain announcement – all 65 coronavirus positive passengers are now disembarked. Several more of our fellow cruisers were taken to local hospitals for shoreside care unrelated to the coronavirus. We’re worried that this may have been related to medication. The Japanese health ministry has provided us with 45 doctors, 55 nurses, and 45 pharmacists, most of which are volunteers. What a huge service! He reassured that the ventilation system is adequate for control of the virus. The internet continues to be upgraded/fixed, and will be up shortly.

Apparently there was a power ranger in a boat entertaining people toddy while they were out on the open decks. People really were enjoying him until the police shoo’d him away.

PS to Japanese readers, happy Founders Day!

18:25 We are completely finished offloading all guests who needed to be hospitalized. We are just about to set sail in a southeasterly direction to preform essential marine operations. According to the Japanese ministry of health, 1850 guests requested medication – all of these requests have been filled. Some medication was unable to be delivered due to brands not being available in Japan – generics are being hunted down. 8 days to go! Dinner is here. Looks are deceiving. We knew it would be a rough night, but we ended up just heating up some instant noodles that we had. I gave my wife my beef. This is the first time that I’ve seen my wife get visibly upset over food and miss good food. Usually I’m the foodie!

Here’s dinner.

20:53 The Japanese coast guard boats are joining us tonight for if in the case we need assistance. Well underway to sea, and hardly can see land lights at this point. We will get back into Tokyo Bay and to daikoku pier, Yokohama at around 0900. It’s been a long day for us – we’re throwing in the towel early tonight. More updates to come in the morning – good night!

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