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Quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess – Day 5

2/8/2020 07:13 Replied to many comments/Facebook, about to interview with channel 5 in DFW. There are a couple ambulances out but from our understanding everyone was taken off who was positive last night.

08:21 First person has been taken off the ship. Just finished interviewing with Chanel 5 in DFW – will be on at 22:00 central standard time.

08:44 Noticed a few suitcases and people that look like they’re boarding – I’m thinking that these were the Japanese medical professionals that they were talking about.

08:55 The president of Princess Cruises is here in japan working to make sure the cruise remains comfortable for its passengers. A few passengers reported fevers and are being checked by medical staff – that’s what the ambulances are for. A consoling hotline has been opened for guests aboard the cruise. We will shortly set sail to perform essential marine activities off the coast of japan. We will arrive back to Yokohama on 2/9/2020, 0900. They are warning for rough seas such as the other night. Breakfast has just arrived! Looking good food wise again.

In other news, we talked to some crew and asked how they were doing. They stated that they are hanging in there, but not sleeping too well due to the increased workload. It’s going to be a long two weeks for them – they’re working incredibly hard!


The princess diamond just tooted it’s horn and is now off to sea!

11:31 Deck 8 even room numbers with an ocean view window can go to the open deck now for a bit.

13:48 Confirmed: 2 additional coronavirus cases, total is now 63. One Chinese citizen, and one US citizen. 28 medical staff were let on board (16 doctors, 12, nurses), and clerks. Negotiations are being made to get laundry done as well as staterooms cleaned by attendants for the first time in nearly a week. There is a designated smoking area being negotiated for specific times for people to smoke. Nicotine gum is also available. The Captain is thankful for our cooperation, and quarantine officials are happy with how we are handling procedures. Entertainment services: movies are continuously being uploaded. Education on coronavirus is also posted on our stateroom TV. Medications will be handed out to passengers throughout the day.

14:30 More people allowed onto the open decks from the 10th floor balconies, separated on the 7th floor or the 15th floor.

15:40 Just interviewed with NHK and will be on at 19:00 local time in tokyo – it will be broadcasted through japan and internationally. We get to go outside for the first time in 20 minutes!

16:43 We’ll be meeting with the Japanese coast guard at around 18:30 for samples to be taken off the ship, and more medication to be delivered. We are approx. 15 nautical miles away from land. Logistics of sorting so much medication is difficult, but the most critical of medications are being delivered first. Emergency medication is available if needed.

People who now have fevers/coughs are being watched are not allowed to be on the open decks.

It looks like it’s approved for some guests services to be resumed on a rotation basis – a plan is being made for laundry, and stateroom cleaning (thank god.. that toilet needs some help).

Detergents will be delivered for hand washing clothes as well.

We just were able to be outside from 1600-1700. It was amazing to be outside for the first time in six days! Things are really looking up!

Around 20:00 A reminder was made by the captain that there is counseling support available via phone in English, Japanese, and other languages. Japanese coast guard operation underway – medication is being delivered via helicopter to the coast guard boats, then delivered using said boats. Samples are being offloaded. Bandwidth continues to be upgraded, though is choppy at sea. Ongoing communication with the US embassy japan is being made, and the procedures we are following mirrors that required of the Japanese government. The US CDC advises that we are following the safest protocol to prevent viral infections on cruise ships (passengers remaining in staterooms. Embassies and governments from other countries are also in contact. Tomorrow morning, balcony staterooms will finish going outside before interior staterooms start over again on rotation.

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