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Quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess – Day 6


08:28 We just got breakfast.. was really hoping for breakfast to be the best meal of the day due to the last two days being pretty decent. Today we’re back to pastries and two boiled eggs. Yikes. Also, now docking to daikoku pier in Yokahama, japan. I count 8 ambulances lined up – either on standby or here for new cases?

08:43 Looks like supplies are here. In the process of docking. Very busy on the ground. Japanese authorities requesting people to not feed the birds croissants.

09:23 Not looking good out there. 14 ambulances, hazmat suits and all. No news has been given as of yet. LOTS of supplies being loaded.

09:42 Medication delivery is a logistical nightmare due to the volume of medications – in one case, a man has been out of anti-hypertensives for six days and is starting to worry d/t chest discomfort. There are now 15 ambulances outside. Supposedly, Princess was charging 18% gratuity for room service, but after being mentioned on Twitter all costs were dropped. There are no longer room service fees. We’ve heard from a friend on the westerdam cruise from holland America that isn’t being allowed to dock. No talk of compensation for lost wages, etc. have been made from Princess, but holland America has issued a 100% refund with a 50% discount on a future cruise. We are hoping that princess will do the same. We didn’t save for the trip expecting a lengthy quarantine.


Sights outside our room.

12:17 Someone is being loaded into an ambulance, with two lined up behind it it appears. One is pulled up to the ship with a blue tarp over the back.

12:36 Announcement from the captain: several guests are ill, but not related to coronavirus. They will be taken off the ship today. Medications are still being dispensed. Hopefully these I’ll passengers were not related to lack of medication! Laundry services approved, and will be offered on a deck to deck basis. More information to follow when available. No new news from the health ministry of japan.

13:00 Food situation is pretty hard to get down due to taste (not really sure why it’s downgraded quite so much being that 2/7 was so awesome), but they’re loading it up with rice to fill people. Many people who are afraid of the virus aren’t wanting to eat. We’re doing fine – just continuing to look at the bright side of things!

14:32 6 people diagnosed with coronavirus, bringing the total to 69. They are being offloaded along with (correction – 9 people) that have other medical conditions for a total of 15 getting off today. All of these people will be quarantined.

15:35 No new activity other than more allowed out to the open decks, BUT this couple got wine delivered by a drone! Hilarious!

15:50 Mail from the US embassy: to sum, at the end of these 14 days we will be able to leave the boat unrestricted. A field pharmacy with 7 pharmacists is active aboard, and over half of all medication requests will be delivered to guests today. Per CDC, my wife is getting the chuckles with the following rules.. “wear a face mask and keep a distance of 6 feet away from your cabin mate, if you have one.”

18:58 Captain update: a Letter from the president of Princess Cruises will be issued regarding refunds and compensation tonight, as well as laundry powder. Laundry services now available on a rotating basis for small loads. Looks like tomorrow we will be able to get out again due to an updated schedule – we’re really excited to go again! Today has been a good day. Dinner also arrived – not bad, it was tasty! Never going to have rice in my life again though after this quarantine. Send thoughts to stateroom attendants, though. Some of them are getting as little as 3 hours of sleep in this situation. Day five, complete!

21:47 Update before I forget on the ventilation system.. CDC said in a letter sent to us that the ventilation system isn’t a concern in spreading the virus, as there is not really any evidence to show that it’s an issue. Off to bed for us, will continue to update in the morning! Thank you all for the support.

22:22 HUGE UPDATE! 100% refund for all cruise guests and a 100% future cruise credit equal to the price that we paid for this cruise if used before 2/28/2021. All reasonable charges dropped from our onboard folio, and no further costs will be incurred during the quarantine period. All pre/post hotels, transfers, pre-paid excursions, taxes/port, and princess airline travel will be fully refunded. Arrangements will be made for travel home for guests. We already have a delta flight pre-booked that we’ve had moved around. Thank you so much Princess for doing the right thing – this makes being out of work and being stuck away from home much easier for the lot of us! Thank you to the crew for working extra hard to keep us safe.

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