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Coronavirus quarantine day 20 – Lackland Air Force Base


I’ve just written my first article outside of coronavirus on my blog. Here it is! https://www.thetorrestravels.com/2020/02/22/the-beginnings-of-a-honeymoon-how-rachel-and-i-met/

Breakfast is here! I went back to sleep shortly after – I stayed up pretty late. Here it is!

A biscuit with sausage gravy, a piece of sausage, and a piece of egg.

DMAT came by to take our temperatures – 97.3 for me, 97.9 for rachel. Still looking good!


DMAT came by and gave us some flowers!

We got a text on our quarantine phones. 5 cases total have been reported thus far from our group.

 Lunch is here!

Chicken salad with some ranch, lemon cookies, and a piece of Texas toast.

Not too much of an eventful day. I’ve continued to update my blog, and will post an article or two tonight over Rachel and I’s honeymoon for those interested on how it began, day by day.

Smoked chicken and Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and some strawberry cake. We also got a letter from the DMAT team, water, tea, and some popcorn!

Thank you DMAT, y’all are awesome!

On a side note, I will work on compiling a list of all updates from other countries/the Diamond Princess that I can find. I will also reply to all of your comments.

Still no news on if we are positive or not for Covid-19.

Updates on our newsletter: 5 total in our group have been infected. A counseling line is available for those who are facing extra stress or anxiety. All luggage that was mid-shipped to Travis Air Force Base has been sent to Lackland and delivered.


General news from Diamond Princess passengers: I’ll update this more in detail in the morning.

The death count from coronavirus is now 3 from the Diamond Princess.

All countries have imposed a 14 day quarantine.

Australia: The Australians have flown their citizens back to the country. They are quarantined at Darwin’s Howard springs. Six people have tested positive since arrival. They are allowed to go swimming with their masks on, so long as they stay six feet apart.

UK: The UK flew it’s citizens back to the country. Four passengers test positive after landing. Let I heard, David Abel and his wife are in a hostel instead of a hospital, but aren’t doing too well.

Hong Kong: The citizens have been flown back to the country. One person has tested positive so far.

United States: as described in this post

Canada: they have been flown back to the country. They all had Red Cross teddy bears on their beds, and probably the nicest of rooms to stay in our of anyone.

Japan: there was a woman who was let off the cruise ship that later tested positive.

Diamond Princess: crew/some passengers continue to be quarantined aboard the ship as it prepares to undergo heavy duty cleaning/desanitizing.

We did it, reddit! Our care package google doc plan has been approved. Tomorrow it will be put in to place, and we can start sending people packages!

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