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Coronavirus quarantine day 21 – Lackland Air Force Base

2/24/2020 07:49 
Oh reddit, what did you do.. I remember someone in a comment saying “maybe if 100s of people message whataburger, they’d reconsider.” Whataburger reached out to us! They’re working on delivering patty melts to every passenger, CDC, DMAT, and every individual helping us out for tonight’s dinner! I wonder if that applies to the “no deliveries” rule.. 😅

Temperatures were both fine! Lots of Netflix this morning to pass the time – we should get our test results soon.

Breakfast! AN omelette, some sausage links, a hash brown, and a pear.

With being quarantined, all of this food is just going straight to our stomachs – it’s going to take a minute to get back in the gym!

Chicken cordon bleu with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and some cake.

We also got all of our laundry washed – the only thing missing was some underwear and white t shirts.

Princess has sent us all care packages – we should get them by Wednesday. Those in California have received them due to a regional sales employee being available.

WHATABURGER! We got Whataburger, everyone got Whataburger, even the CDC/DMAT! We got a gift basket with a card as well.

Whataburger care package!

Everyone got Whataburger! Passengers, DMAT, and CDC!

Holy chicken, Batman!

We finally have our hands on some patty melts!

Uh.. wha.. don’t ask.

My wife and I were looking up shirts to describe how we felt about Whataburger. This about nails it! Seriously though, check out their lineup of sauces – the place is great! I strongly suggest spicy ketchup or jalapeno ranch.

We had our town hall call!

Luggage remains to be an issue – some luggage is still missing, but if those individuals need anything they can just reach out to dispatch.

They are working on getting results back from japan for those that were tested.

Clarification: there is one coronavirus infection from wuhan, and 5 from our group. The media has been reporting 6 cases, and this has been confusing.

There was an individual that was reunited with their spouse at a nearby facility to finish their quarantine.

The CDC continues to encourage passengers to be tested. (Today is day 3 from our test.. should be today or tomorrow that we get our results, hopefully!)

We were reminded to preserve privacy of others in our group.

Some people are wearing masks incorrectly. Staff will teach everyone how to use their mask if it’s not on correctly.

They began the Q&A question by thanking us for our efforts in getting everyone whataburger.

Q: Will you do a final test before we leave? 
A: No final answer on that one, but we typically we don’t.

Q: When will the results be given from our swab? 
A: We’re waiting to get all of the results printed out before disclosing that information to everyone.

Q: We’re confused about the trash system.. 
A: The white bags are either marked as linens or laundry. Between 9-11 we’ll give clean linens and laundry. Trash pickup will be in the afternoon.

Q: Can we make the call earlier or later so that we can focus on eating and listening to the national anthem? It comes on at 17:30. 
A: We will try to move our schedules to accommodate.

Q: I am making my arrangements with my airline. Are we going to be transported to the airport on the 2nd or the 3rd? 
A: No answer at the moment, but our crew will meet to talk about it. We will communicate this information to you. It may be tight to get a flight on the 2nd due to our final checks, paperwork, etc. people will go in waves depending on their transportation plans.

Q: What will cruise ships do in the future to make sure this doesn’t happen again? The quarantine was supposed to protect us, but it put us in harms way. 
A: We can’t imagine what you all have been through – we think that they will be more prepared by planning for the scenario.

Q: Weren’t we cross contaminated on the bus and the plane? How is infection control going? 
A: This virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets – we recommend that you wear your masks and disinfect everything.

A lot of people do not want press to know what time we are leaving for their own personal safety. The CDC/DMAT will mitigate this, and in turn I will not be posting the exact time we leave.

The five individuals that tested positive have mild symptoms, none are severe.

On March 2nd after clearing our morning temperature check, we will get a rescind order as well as a medical clearance letter.

We’ll let you all get to your chicken and ribs!

We annihilated some ribs! The food has been AWESOME today!

The first day of our honeymoon is out on my blog! While not the most exciting story, it sets us up for the departure to Tokyo, which will be released late tonight or early in the morning.

PS. Our care package plan is in action, and as requests come in we will send them out to those who volunteer.

We have only received one request, but it is a bit complicated as this individual is held off site due to potential coronavirus. They are asking for a cheap laptop, as their spouse has the laptop that they have brought with them.

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