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Coronavirus quarantine day 22 – Lackland Air Force Base



Two eggs, some salsa, hash browns, beans, and of course – an apple.

I really didn’t sleep well last night. I tried to sleep at 10pm, but didn’t fall asleep until around 4am. I’m headed back to sleep for now.

09:00 Temperature checks! I was 98.1, rachel was 98.3. Still in the clear!

12:00 Test results are being given back today! Fingers crossed that we’re negative.

13:00 Big update! Not only are Rachel and I negative for Covid-19, but so is everyone else who voluntarily was tested!

Lunch is here!

Chicken and rice, a lemon bar, and some vegetables!


Packages through US mail have been slow – the US mail wasn’t releasing mail for us, but is this evening after talking with them.

For those missing luggage, everything is expected to be delivered this evening.

The CDC head is on the phone now – we have had no new cases in the past 24hrs.

Four people tested positive from japan that weren’t pulled off the boat. They are being retested at a nearby facility.

There are four confirmed cases here, and the other positive individual was moved to be cared for with their spouse in a different state.

Voluntary test results have been given out to most people, but not all. There were no new positives reported. It was about ~90 tests. This is well over half of us.

We will still check temperatures, as the virus may still be brewing.

All positive cases are doing well. Those who were asymptomatic are now developing symptoms.

The case managers came on the phone to reiterate that they are here for us and all of our needs.

Q: For people with spouses in the hospital that want to be flown together – how does this work? 
A: From the CDC side, we have to wait for symptoms to improve. Our trigger to release someone who Is positive is to have two negative test results spaced out by at least 24 hours. The out processing is directly from the facility. From the case management side, once cleared from the cdc they will take care of all accommodations. The Red Cross can help, or Princess can. Princess will accommodate.

The media will know that you’ll be out, so we will have people to help you get through to where you’re going.

Q: Are you dropping anyone off anywhere other than the airport? 
A: One shuttle will go to the airport, and one will go to an undisclosed location.

Q: I’m planning on driving home, can I have a shuttle to a car rental facility? 
A: Go on the airport shuttle to rent a car there.

Q: How far is the airport? 
A: It’s about a 30min drive.

Q: Can we stay until Tuesday the 3rd? 
A: There will be a hotel option for you.

Q: I did a test on the 20th, but the test “failed.” What do I do? No result. That worries me. 
A: Sometimes the specimen gets handled a little too rough and it doesn’t result right or can’t be tested. In more than one case, the specimen was crushed during transport.

Q: Have the wuhan quarantined individuals that were released getting negativity? 
A: Nothing was reported – we haven’t heard of anything.

“You’re went on vacation, and ended up at an Air Force base. That’s a little change of plans!”

19:19 Looks like many people received care packages today! Y’all are all making everyone really happy here on base!

We received a care package as well – thank you!

Side note: We got a Ravensburger puzzle! This is my favorite brand – I used to put together puzzles with my grandmother as a kid. This is my all time favorite puzzle – I almost finished it, but the 12/26/2016 DFW tornadoes pulled it out of the house. They have that satisfying click that makes doing puzzles a little more fun!

Bonus: a care package from Princess!

21:17 Another day comes to an end! Six days left. I was going to publish an article on my blog, but my wife and I decided that we should take the day to ourselves, as it’s been busy between the media, case management, HR at work, and my blog. Will be in touch in the morning – it’s been a good day!

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