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Coronavirus quarantine day 24 – Lackland Air Force Base, my Granny’s funeral

2/27/2020 02:00 
Still having jet lag issues – as promised, here is my next article on my blog! https://www.thetorrestravels.com/2020/02/27/honeymoon-day-1-tokyo-japan/

It was brought to my attention that the picture links were redirecting to inappropriate sites – all pictures have been removed off of all threads. I will convert links on my blog to picture galleries – all pictures will be posted to my blog. I’ve removed all of my blog posts related to coronavirus, and will release them as I edit the links out in the morning. Thanks for your understanding!

I called my dad on google duo to go to the family visiting of my great grandmothers funeral.

I called my parents for my great grandmothers funeral and burial.

As a tribute to my Granny, here’s her favorite flower. This is from her front yard.

Lunch is here!

Beef with cilantro rice, beans, and raspberry filled churros.

After an afternoon nap, my employers HR called – they will be unable to assist me pay wise during our quarantine, but offered for me to apply for FMLA to protect my job. I will be required to go to a provider to clear me to work, followed by an occupational health visit to be paid after I start.

We just interviewed with The Washington Post!

I called our congressman to see if there is anything they can assist with for payment programs.

I’ve applied for FMLA, and my work is exploring options. They mentioned that as of now, they do not offer any relief from situations such as this one. For those who were asking – my fund is posted in the menu of my blog.

Dinner is here!

Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, banana bread pudding, and some cream corn!

I unfortunately missed the conference call due to being on the phone, but the general update is that we were given a survey asking various things, such as symptoms while on the cruise ship. These forms will be anonymous, and will be used to help the CDC to learn about Covid-19.

We also were called by Princess cruise line today asking about our travel plans. We plan on renting a car! TripAdvisor tends to be great with low prices on rentals.

We have gotten many inquiries from the media asking to document our travels home by following us. While we appreciate the sentiment, we would rather our return home be a private thing. We may video it for ourselves, but we don’t want intrusion for the moments we return home.

Just finished replying to you all! Today has been a hard day for us from many angles, but Rachel and I continue to look forward to 3/2. We’re ready to be free!

I read about the new case in California in the news, and have gotten many questions regarding staying safe. The most important thing to do is wash your hands frequently above all else. Avoid touching your face, distance yourself from those who may be sick, sneeze/cough into your shoulder instead of your hands, and have a mask available. N95s have been used for the duration of our quarantine, but they are a bit pricey now that there is a higher demand. A simple mask will keep you from touching your face, and is far less expensive. They sell out every now and again, but I’ve noticed that they restock.

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