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Coronavirus quarantine day 25 – Lackland Air Force Base.

Early morning! Rachel and I interviewed with 102.1 Star in DFW. We’ll be on the radio all morning – you can listen to us on iHeartRadio! We will be on the Mark Davis Show around 9am today, live!

Breakfast is here! We received a few pieces of french toast plus a hash brown.

Interview with Mark Davis, great as usual!
We start at around ~1:50.

Temperature check – 98.7f for me, 97.1f for Rachel!

Human resources from work just called – they will pay me the hours that I missed during quarantine! Huge blessing. Our church has also came forward and offered to help with rent. I should be able to be paid tomorrow.

We have lunch! We decided to take advantage of Dominos delivery – waiting for delivery!

Fish, rice, and a lemon bar!

The CDC called from Atlanta to survey Rachel and I over everything from the start of our cruise ship up until now. They were very thorough in their investigation, and are trying to get data on the virus. They are also trying to figure out who was in contact with those who were infected. They asked specifically which town we were in on which day, and specifically asked what we did and where we went. They are on top of their game.


Dominos delivery! It was nice to get a little guilty pleasure food.

Occupational health contacted me – there is a packet I must have filled out by an attending physician before returning to work. I emailed the packet to dispatch here, and they are printing it off for me to get filled out.

Yesterday was rough, but today has been a great day thus far! We’re just exhausted from getting up early after staying awake a little late.

Supposedly a dog has tested as a “weak positive” for covid-19 in Hong Kong, and has been quarantined. Very interested to see where this leads.

Here’s our conference call topics!

The temperature checks + symptom screenings are to keep you and those around you safe. We’re not out of the woods yet – we’re still in the incubation period.
If concerned, we would move you to a facility to test you, stabilize you, and get you better.
Today was the last day of voluntary testing. Some further results are being passed out.
The majority of us will depart on 3/2, and some close contacts of those who were infected will continue to be quarantined.
Travel reimbursement is available – Princess is paying for a rent car for Rachel and I.

Q: At the start of this call, you mentioned a letter coming out.. when is that coming?
A: We call it “operation return home,” you’ll get it tomorrow. It’ll be two pages.

Q: How many people have been tested here? How many are positive? Are there asymptomatic positives? Can those who weren’t tested be confident that they won’t infect anyone?
A: We haven’t been releasing this number through the media, we want to preserve privacy. What I can say, is that the majority of people have been tested. Some of you were tested in japan. The japan tests plus tests here equate to nearly everyone. There were two new cases today. As far as asymptomatic infection after a 14 day quarantine, we discussed it a few days ago. Our experts are very comfortable and not concerned about releasing individuals who are asymptomatic after a 14 day quarantine.

Q: How long do the test results take? I’ve had four tests with no results returned to me yet.
A: We’ve gotten some results, but I will have someone come to speak with you about any results we may have for you. We are working on getting local labs to validate tests.

With the community case of covid-19 in California, the concern is real even when you go back home. We expect to see more community spread through the coming weeks – local health departments will be your friend in preparing.

Q: When we go to our communities, does the CDC send a warning to the health department, and will the press be there?
A: We aren’t telling anyone – that is completely up to you. We only notify our public health counterpart, mainly on individuals who have been positive and cleared their infection. Everything is confidential and secure.

People who come in from China are being monitored through local health authorities, a quarantine is not being done.

Q: Can we see a list of all the agencies involved with names so we can send thank you letters and accommodations? We’d love to know how much this is costing. We are very grateful.
A: We’re putting it together and trying to keep it to one page, front and back. The cost doesn’t matter, I’m here to spend the governments money judiciously and get y’all through this process! We’re all soaking up tax dollars to get us all through this thing.

We all have a majority vote on our “last supper” on Sunday through our phone.

Dinner is here! We ate left over pizza instead!

Salmon, some sort of mushy stuff, coleslaw (but with carrots, broccoli, and beans), and ice cream.

It’s really starting to hit us how close we are to being free. It’s an AWESOME feeling, and today is a great day! Looks like I will be headed back to work on the 7th after a hefty occupational health visit.

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