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Integration back into life – day 3


What a day (in a good way)!

We had a lot on the agenda today! Cleaning like maniacs, two in person interviews (CBS11/NBC5) at our apartment, one live skype interview (Yahoo! Finance), and one recorded interview (CNBC). We were to pick up Rachel’s car from the shop, clear occupational health, and lastly head to our bible study for adults with special needs that I mentioned back in my AMA blog aboard the Diamond Princess.

Rachel and I woke around 07:30 for a monthly conference call into my workplace, and I took care of feeding the dog while Rachel cooked breakfast. We had bacon and eggs – I really missed my wife’s cooking! That woman is a saint. After we enjoyed a home cooked meal, we got dressed for the day and messed with Remy for awhile.

Is someone a little spoiled?

Lights.. camera.. ACTION!

Interview time! We did a Skype interview with CNBC to kick off that day at 10AM. Shortly after at 11AM, NBC5 was at our doorstep. We gated the dog in our room, the camera man set up everything, and we were off!

Here’s our interview.

Our clip on microphones! Post-haircut. The stylist was accepting of me!

The last time I was on TV was when my high school band played at the American Airlines Center in Dallas – this was different! The cameras were right there, and we got to chat with the reporters in person rather than Skype.

The cameraman took a shot at us while we interviewed with NBC5 (Allie Spillyards) in Dallas.

Shortly after this picture, Remy came out and played with all of us. We learned that he HATES cameras – he barked his little head off with his mouth stuffed by a dinosaur. It was a sight to behold!

If you have a dog, here’s a toy very similar – chipmunks hidden in a log! Great to keep your pup occupied.

Clearance for work!

I headed to work in hopes to be cleared to work with my CDC/Health Department clearance letters, as well as negative test results.

When in occupational health, I stated that I was there to be cleared for work. The receptionist winked several times and asked “are you returning from vacation?” After we both were on the same page, I realized that she was trying to keep it hush-hush, as there were several people in line.

She sent me outside of the office, and straight to the manager. We talked about our experiences, and how they would follow up with me every single day to ensure that I didn’t have any symptoms.

After a thirty minute conversation..

I’ve been cleared to return to work on Sunday, 3/8/2020!

Lights.. camera.. ACTION! Take two.

Rachel cooked tacos for us before the next interview at 13:30. We had an interview with Yahoo! Finance over Skype. Unknowing to us, it was live for nearly five minutes!

Next up, Robbie Owens with CBS11 showed up to have an interview with us. We discussed quarantine, integration to life, learned even more so that Remy HATES cameras, and played piano for TV! He runs to the camera man to be pet, but barks at the camera while rolling around. Like what, dog?

Arise bible study, Feat. Chick Fil A care package!

After picking up Rachel’s car, we wrote a bit on the blog/book, and headed over to Arise!

It was cool to see all of the chick fil a boxes delivered to everyone!

I personally LOVE Chick Fil a sauce. I slather anything I get with it.

Everyone was accepting of us, and we had a great time with everyone. It was good to do something that was a normal pre-quarantine.

So.. stigma?

Today was significantly better in terms of social stigma. We still have issues with people not wanting to see us, and fear in the workplace when we come back, but as far as openly showing disapproval? Not so much! It was a good day.

Tomorrows plan – sleep in, have friends over, and have a great time! Mario Party, board games, stories, and whatever college friend groups do together. Should be fun, right?

Off to watch movies for the night with Rachel! Expect to read about day 3 & 4 of our honeymoon in Kagoshima, Japan either late tonight, or early tomorrow morning!

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