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Integration back into life – day 4


Returning to a degree of normalcy.

Today was a great day! We had plans to visit with friends nearly the entire day.

We woke up, and chose to divide and conquer. I worked on getting Remy taken care of, and Rachel went to Wal Mart for grocery pickup. She uses curbside pickup (not because she wanted to avoid stigma, but because she hates playing grocery store bumper carts).

Rachel drove to her parents to drop off the air pump that we needed when her tire pooped out, and came back with Fuzzy’s Tacos. Anyone who comes to Texas – TRY IT!

Friends & furballs with a sprinkle of stigma

After a run of Netflix, two of our best friends showed up with their dog, Leia (like princess Leia from Star Wars), for a playdate/catchup. It was good to be able to see our friends for the first time in months.

It didn’t take long before Remy was poking for a war.

What are you doing, little man?

And then..

I’m gonna’ get’cha! You ARE my toy!

During our time together, we received some texts from people close to us saying that they are being stigmatized since they saw us. I wonder how work will go tomorrow!

This is not the plot twist I signed up for.

Later, Rachel’s college friend group showed up. For privacy, I’ll use numbers for names. #1&2 recently got married, #3&4 are dating for the second time, and #5&6 didn’t show up.

We had a huge potluck filled with chicken fajitas, taco meat, nachos, wine, and corona beer.

I had music playing on our surround sound soundbar system, hoping that someone would enjoy the background noise – sure enough, #3 was dancing within the group and didn’t even realize it.

The unexpected twist of the evening.. we all somehow ended up watching a baby documentary on netflix, watching all of the ladies of the group cry their eyes out.

“FIVE YEARS,” the men chant.

I think someone played a little too much today..

Today was all about returning to normalcy. This friend group isn’t exactly “normal,” so whether or not we’ll fit into society is a question still to be asked!

What we do know, is that today was awesome. The dogs had a great day, we had a great day, and tomorrow we have a day of freedom to look forward to. Work is on Sunday – let’s see how that goes!

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