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Integration back into life – day 5


Let’s cook breakfast together!

Yet another good day! We cooked together, stayed home to watch Netflix, walked the dog, and caught up with our favorite place – home.

Rachel and I had a tradition while we were engaged – panini making. Why not start with breakfast? See, we’ve been obsessed with this panini press ever since we bought it, and it did NOT disappoint!

Bacon, egg, mashed avocado, honey wheat bread, tomato, artichoke garlic olive oil, and pepper jack cheese + a panini press = YUM!

I think I’ll just sit here..

After breakfast, we settled down for a few episodes of New Girl, as we did when we binged during quarantine. Remy has been obsessed with Rachel. Normally, any jealous dog sharer would say that – but the boy straight up ran past me to her when we had our reunion.

Rachel stood to grab something in the kitchen, and that’s when it occurred to me.

It appears that he wants just one thing – warmth.

Dad, I’m here to steal your warmth. Also, don’t leave for 48 days again.

Remy was absolutely passed out from his play date yesterday!

Passed out pooch.

A long walk to end a long journey

As our day finishes up, and we come closer to our last day together 24/7, we took Remy on a long walk filled with trees, fire hydrants, and posts. After tugging a million times on his leash, he just sat down and stared off in the distance.

Ah, I’ve missed the lake dad! Now.. can we run again? You’ve gotten out of shape!

A tribute to my Granny

Before walking in for the night, we checked the mail and found something beautiful – a pendant made by friendly Redditor. My Granny passed away during quarantine, and these kind individuals reached out to create a pendant specific to her life. They included her favorite flower, and some stitching on the bottom to symbolize her love of sewing.

A pendant that a glass blowing friend sent when my Granny passed away during quarantine.

Back to the grind

Well, tomorrow is my first day of work in 50 days. Time to see if I remember how to do my job! I know some are worried about me coming back to work, but occupational health asks that I wear a mask within 6 feet of patients if I have any symptoms pop up, and asks for me to record my temperature twice daily.

Funny enough, tomorrow is our 6 months of marriage mark! Half a year has flown by – it’s amazing what quarantine will do!

Here we go – back to real life!

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