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Coronavirus Quarantine

Integration back into life – day 3

3/5/2020 What a day (in a good way)! We had a lot on the agenda today! Cleaning like maniacs, two in person interviews (CBS11/NBC5) at our apartment, one live skype interview (Yahoo! Finance), and one recorded interview (CNBC). We were to pick up Rachel’s car from the shop, clear occupational health, and lastly head to our bible study for adults with special...

Integration back into life – day 2

3/4/2020 What a day. Today was an interesting one. Our plan was to wake up, clean the apartment, and for me to get a hair cut. We then would have two interviews within our home with a lunch break in between. Once finished, we were going to split up. Rachel would go off to visit a friend, I would go to visit my brother. Except that’s not how the day played out...