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Our story + Honeymoon

Our story, plus our honeymoon to remember!

Honeymoon day 3/4: Sea day + Kagoshima, Japan

Honeymoon cruise! Day 3 of our honeymoon was slow-going. Sleep, food, and sculpting! While in Tokyo, I hid in the bathroom and ordered the honeymooner’s breakfast package for tomorrow, as it was a sea day, and we had a balcony. This is probably the first time I’ve successfully kept a secret – I’m similar to a “Nick Miller” from...

Honeymoon Day 1! – Tokyo, Japan

Departing for an adventure of a lifetime! Today is the day that we leave for Tokyo – some fabled futuristic, neon, modern city across the world that seemed like it was only in textbooks. We had no idea what sort of culture shock was in store for us, let alone what the next 46 days would entail. A view outside of out hotel room. We left our Hilton hotel bright...

Honeymoon – 24 hour layover in Minnesota

The night before we left. The night before our honeymoon, we were absolutely stoked! The 21 day dream vacation we saved and waited for was finally upon us. We were to leave from DFW International Airport on January 17th at 7pm to go to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. After this, we would have had a 12 hour overnight layover before heading to Tokyo. There...